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Christopher A. Haase (Chris Haase)

Director of Environmental, Health and Safety

Environmentally Sensitive Solutions

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Environmentally Sensitive Solutions, Inc. (ESS), a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly, neutral pH cleaning products, has won the 2004 Wisconsin Governor’s Excellence in Environmental Performance Award. This prestigious award is given to companies whose products and efforts excel in protecting the environment and reducing hazardous waste. Other winners of this award include GE Medical Systems, S.C. Johnson, Rockwell Automation, General Motors Truck, Target Corporation, Green Bay Packaging, and Placon Corporation.

Established in 1993, ESS has produced market leading neutral degreasers that replace hazardous alkaline cleaners in industrial metal cleaning applications. Unlike the hazardous cleaners they replace, ESS neutral products have a number of worker safety and environmental advantages. In the last five years, ESS neutral products have eliminated 80 million pounds of hazardous materials from the environment.

The ESS mission is to improve the quality of life through the most innovative, safety conscious, and environmentally safe products worldwide.
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NEW Dad Launches NEU Gentle Home Cleaners Without the Typical Hazards.

Did you know that everyday cleaning products being used in the home have some potentially serious hazards even when the products are used as directed?

“As a cleaning chemist and also a recent dad, it really hit home that there are some hazardous cleaners in my own home that could cause some serious harm to my kids. These common cleaning products contain hazardous ingredients that understate the possible safety hazards. Having replaced similarly hazardous cleaning products in industry over the last twelve years, I decided I had the ability and the drive to do something about it and launched the new line,” says Matthew Pliszka, cleaning chemist with more than 17 years of experience formulating cleaning products in all sorts of applications.

Fortunately, the new NEU product line, manufactured by Environmentally Sensitive Solutions (ESS), Inc contains ingredients that are safe to use, environmentally friendly and come in a variety off savory scents. The NEU line contains automatic dishwashing liquid, dish soap, floor, window, granite & tile and all purpose cleaners.

Trends in the industry indicate more and more consumers are demanding cleaning products that are safe for their families and the environment, yet their choice of products is typically limited. According to Pliszka, the NEU line of household products bring the cleaning efficacy of those other, more hazardous products without the same safety hazards. “Cleaning does not have to be a hazardous undertaking,” said Pliszka.

Unlike competitive products, the NEU Gentle Home Cleaners incorporates the highest quality organic ingredients resulting in non-corrosive products with significantly reduced hazards. “There are many self proclaimed cleaning gurus out there touting “mix it yourself” cleaners, but these too can be unsafe. Unless you really know what you are doing, mixing cleaner ingredients together is a bad idea,” said Pliszka.

These all natural, ESS neutral cleaners are safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces, including the finest china and crystal, which are typically considered unsafe for dishwashers. The majority of conventional cleaning products on the market include harsh chemicals, which can produce acute health effects, are hazardous to the environment and can damage the surface being cleaned.

In addition to being safer to use, the NEU Kit contains products that are eco-friendly in the truest sense. The ingredients used are considered to be biodegradable. Unlike other products, these products are low foaming so less water is used to remove soap residues in applications where rinsing is required. These water wise™ NEU cleaners use far less water than other brands, which makes them truly eco-friendly.
The NEU  products utilize aromatherapy scents including rosemary grapefruit, coconut lime verbena, and rain that sooth and freshen the entire home.

According to Pliszka, future plans include a full line of vehicle cleaning products. All products will be available in a variety of aromatherapy scents.
The ESS cleaning team is available to directly answer consumers’ questions about cleaning issues concerning the home. Consumers can contact Ask the Cleaning Chemist at www.neuhomecare.com.

About ESS, Inc.
Co-founded in 1993 by Pliszka, ESS has a 12-year track record of manufacturing environmentally friendly, neutral products for industrial cleaning applications. In 2004, ESS won the Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Excellence in Environmental Performance for reducing hazardous products in the environment. The ESS mission is to provide safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products to replace more hazardous alternatives in the consumer, industrial, and janitorial/sanitation cleaning markets. The goal is that all of these products offer an environmentally friendly and safer alternative to the more hazardous competitive products.

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